Rapilose Ogtt Glucose Solution 300ml [Pack Of 24]

Rapilose Ogtt Glucose Solution 300ml [Pack of 24]

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Rapilose Ogtt Glucose Solution 300ml [Pack of 1]

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Rapilose Ogtt Glucose Solution 300ml [Pack of 1]
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Ready to use, single dose drink for Glucose Tolerance Tests

A single 300ml carton of Rapilose accurately delivers 75g of glucose, the World Health Organisation recommended volume and dose for GTTs.

  • Ready to drink no mixing or weighing required
  • Accurate standardised dosing minimising risk of errors
  • Palatable with no fizz reducing the risk of reflux or vomiting
  • No additives ideal for gestational diabetes testing
  • Sealed foil containers, light, safe and convenient
  • Room temperature storage with a 2-year shelf life, easy stock control
  • Manufactured under ISO 13485 quality systems

Product Key Benefits

  • Rapilose is specifically formulated to comply with WHO OGTT guidelines and is applicable to the entire EU
  • Every batch of Rapilose is manufactured and specifically titrated to deliver exactly 75mg of anhydrous glucose
  • Rapilose is engineered to be the minimum quantity (300ml) required to be consumed as part of the OGTT
  • Rapilose is in a ready-to-drink format with no mixing or measuring required, facilitating in-community testing
  • Rapilose has a pleasant orange flavour with no colour additives
  • Rapilose is non-carbonated
  • Rapilose is gluten, lactose, fat and alcohol free
  • Rapilose has a long shelf life and is easy to store
  • Rapilose is supplied in low volume packaging which is fully recyclable
  • Rapilose is a cost effective, time saving alternative, particularly when compared on a fully costed basis, i.e. including all the costs of preparation, storage and dispensing
  • Rapilose can be easily adjusted to paediatric applications based on body mass
  • Rapilose is a quality product developed and manufactured in the EU to European food and nutritional regulations
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